Mentoring Techniques & Tools

Online Course

4 Modules: 60-75 minutes

Free with Associate and Professional Membership

About the course

This 4 module course covers tools and techniques that mentors can use to build their mentoring expertise and impact. 

Part of the Academy Advanced Series, this course is only available to Professional Members and should be taken after the Introduction to Mentoring and Mentoring Fundamentals courses.

Boost your confidence, master the field.

13 tools & techniques you can use straight away

Step by step guide to using each tool.

Download resources

Download resources to help you use the tools.

Build your expertise, together

Try out the tools and techniques and discuss your progress with other peer learners taking this course.

Module #1
Deepening the mentoring relationship

Explore the seven levels of dialogue that lead to deeper levels of mentoring impact.

Module #2 Understanding self and others

Looking through the Johari Window and working with values and strengths.

Module #3
Clarifying and understanding situations

Mapping issues, tools for reflection and questioning, understanding and using the Drama Triangle.

Module #4
Working with goals and motivating change

Questions to frame goals and test commitment to change, visioning, Dilts' Pyramid, 'Sliding Doors' exercises.