Art of Mentoring Academy Code of Conduct

Advancing the practice of Mentoring
Academy members are expected to enhance the good name of mentoring and to promote the importance of mentoring in the workplace, the business community and broader society. 

Academy members will be honest, objective and truthful in their words, actions and representations and will not knowingly mislead other members or people they mentor.

Academy members will act with integrity and trustworthiness and will not promote their own self-interest or allow personal interest to undermine their objectivity, accuracy, independence and behaviour.

Professional Courtesy 
Academy members will behave with respect, fairness, and courtesy towards other members, staff and volunteers, and will not engage in any behaviour that is violent, threatening, or abusive. Bullying and harassment will not be tolerated.

Academy members will respect the private or proprietary nature of information received in the course of their work and will not disclose confidential information without the express consent of those concerned or as provided for by law.