Art of Mentoring

The Art of Mentoring Academy is proudly brought to you by Art of Mentoring,
global thought leader in mentoring program design and delivery
The Art of Mentoring team of subject matter experts together have decades of mentoring experience and set the benchmark for client support to achieve success.

We combine evidence-based mentoring expertise with the latest technological innovations to enable companies, associations and government organisations to develop impactful, scalable and cost-effective mentoring programs.

We are a proud member of Coaching & Mentoring International (CMI), a global network of mentoring, coaching and developmental dialogue specialists, some of whom appear regularly as a part of our popular webinar series.
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Art of Mentoring is trusted around the globe




Meet our Academy Faculty

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Melissa Richardson, Academy Founder

Melissa’s experience in mentoring spans over 25 years in the private, public and not-for-profit sectors. It’s become her life’s work and personal mission to make life-changing mentoring opportunities available to more people.
Melissa is a member of the global assessment team for the European Mentoring and Coaching Council’s ISMCP Award (International Standards for Mentoring and Coaching Programs). She has post-graduate qualifications in organisational coaching, counselling and marketing strategy.
Melissa directs the Art of Mentoring research agenda and regularly speaks on mentoring best practice
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Professor David Clutterbuck

Author of 75 books on coaching, mentoring, leadership and other management themes, David is credited with introducing supported mentoring to Europe in early 1980s. He co-founded the European Mentoring & Coaching Council and is visiting professor at Henley Business School (Reading University) Sheffield Hallam, Oxford Brookes and York St John Universities.
David leads a global network of mentoring experts and trainers, Coaching and Mentoring International.
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Lisa Z. Fain

Lisa Fain is the CEO of Center for Mentoring Excellence, and founder of Vista Coaching, the coaching division of the Center. Her passion for diversity and inclusion work is fueled by her strong conviction that leveraging differences creates a better workplace and drives better business results. She has conducted mentoring training programs for corporate, government and educational institutions. Lisa coaches mentors, mentees and program administrators on how to achieve mentoring excellence and create the right environment for achievement of career and personal goals. She is highly regarded for her special combination of knowledge, expertise, humor and a no-nonsense practical approach.Lisa is co-author, with Lois Zachary of two important books; The Mentor’s Guide and Bridging Differences for Better Mentoring.
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The geese in our logo

The geese in the Art of Mentoring logo represent the mentor/mentee relationship. In the natural world:
The geese at the front of the flock improve the aerodynamics to make it easier for the followers to fly;
  • Geese at the back honk to encourage front geese to keep pushing forward;
  • They are constantly shifting position meaning the ‘Mentor’ could be leading from behind or in front, sometimes just flying alongside.
  • These habits embody the foundations of the Art of Mentoring brand and are embraced by our team in their daily practice.