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Introduction to Mentoring

A FREE course for first time mentors, this will introduce you to the mentoring concept and principles.

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Lesson 1: Mentoring Concepts

Lesson 2: Mentoring Conversations

Lesson 3: Mentoring Relationships

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Dealing with Imposter Syndrome

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The sticky topic of stuckness

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The 3 best ways for mentors to build trust

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I'm a mentor, now what?


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Podcast: Adaptation Mentoring

In this podcast, Art of Mentoring’s Melissa Richardson talks about Adaptation, Mentoring and Wellbeing with workplace wellbeing advisor, Thea O’Connor.
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Webinar: How mentors can help your career

In the modern workplace, there is no longer one clear career trajectory. We hear of the career ‘ladder’ being replaced by the career ‘lattice’. What does this mean, and how ...
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Webinar: Creating a transformational mentoring relationship

 Alex Richardson, Art of Mentoring’s CEO, interviews Centre for Mentoring Excellence CEO and leadership expert Lisa Fain.  
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